Oléico®, a neutral-flavored, versatile oil that withstands high temperatures.

Thanks to its nature, Oléico® can be heated to higher temperatures than other cooking oils. When you overheat cooking oils, it destroys beneficial compounds and creates harmful free radicals. Those free radicals can damage molecules in your body. Oléico® has a very high smoking point, making it your BEST option for high heat cooking.


Our variety of products was created for all of our client's exquisite taste, from our traditional presentation to our Gourmet Mixes, you can always count on Oléico® to truly enrich your cooking experience. Fry, bake, season, sauté and experiment with our variety of Oléico® products knowing that its natural ingredients are not only helping you to create delicious dishes, but are also keeping you healthy.

The Oléico® Gourmet Mixes

The oils from the Oléico® Gourmet Line use flavors of different spices, and were created to add a little something different to your dishes in an easy and practical way, offering you the same health benefits of Oléico but with extra flavor.