Oléico®, the cooking oil made with the care and quality you deserve.

Our company's history speaks for itself, 40 years of experience and dedicated labor backs us up. We understand that each step is important for a perfect recipe, and we give each step the required attention for success.

With over 40 years of experience in the production and development of edible oils and oleaginous seeds, our founding company, Aceites del Mayo, created Oléico® in 1997 and it was launched in 2001 as an innovative option for cooking oil, made from 100% high oleic safflower seeds.

Due to the success of Oléico®, we destined the plant Coral Internacional, our affiliate in San Luis Potosí, to produce the oil, and we were then able to offer our products to people like you, who seek only top-quality ingredients.

Oléico® is currently distributed throughout all of Mexico and in some regions of the United States. Throughout the years, Oléico has achieved great acceptance thanks to its benefits and excellent quality, obtaining the recognition of our domestic and foreign consumers as one of the best brands of cooking oils for daily use.

Our process

1. We harvest

The production of Oléico® begins in the field where, with the help of hard-working field hands, we grow the safflower plants. It is a plant that adapts to infertile soils and different climates and does not need much water.

2. We separate

Safflower seeds are protected inside the flower and are collected during the flower’s final stage of maturity. Each flower head produces between 15 and 30 seeds.

3. We receive

In our extraction plant Aceites del Mayo, located in Navojoa, Sonora, we receive the safflower seeds from all over the country, mainly from the northern region, since almost 70-80% of the total safflower harvest in Mexico takes place in that region.

4. We grind

For optimum oil extraction, the seeds go through a process in which we grind them to reduce the size and then roll them to obtain small flakes, freeing the oil for extraction.

5. We extract

The seeds go through a cooking process in which they are heated to 170-210°F. Once the seeds are prepared, the extraction process is carried out without chemicals, using a press which produces crude oil and flour.

6. We refine

The crude oil then goes to our refinery and bottling plant in San Luis Potosí. In this process, all the impurities are eliminated from the oil and it is filtered. The oil is then ready to be bottled.

7. We pack

We fill the Oléico® bottles in presentations designed for different needs.

8. We label

We give Oléico® an identity; an identity that captures the product’s essence, paying tribute to its origin and the natural ingredients it is made with.